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Choosing a Retailer such as Direct Energy in New York

Do you still purchase your energy supply directly from your utility? In New York, customers like you have the privilege to choose between the rates charged by your utility and those offered by independent energy suppliers such as Direct Energy. You may be able to lower your energy costs with a new supplier, and getting started is even simpler.

Whether you've shopped around for energy rates before, or this is your first time, you're off to a good start. is here to offer you a helping hand when you're ready to switch energy companies. Companies such as Direct Energy in New York offer competitive natural gas and electricity packages to consumers in the service territories of several utilities across the state.

As a homeowner or business owner, when shopping for a new energy plan it's important to get offers from many retailers such as Direct Energy in New York. The more offers you compare, the greater the probability that you'll find the best plan for your home or business, no matter what specific perks you may have on your list.

What is Direct Energy in New York?

Deregulation of the New York energy industry changed the relationship customers have with their utilities. Rather than paying the energy supply rates charged by utilities, people now have the option to purchase their natural gas or electricity supply from a retail energy supplier such as Direct Energy in New York. This move was designed to lower prices for consumers by allowing for more competition in the marketplace, and so far deregulation has proven to do just that.

Direct Energy and other retail suppliers purchase energy in bulk from generation companies and then design their own packages to sell to customers. These energy plans have a variety of perks associated with them, all with one goal in mind: Getting more customers. All retail suppliers, including Direct Energy in New York, are competing for your business, so let them compete! Once you've gotten several options to choose from, select the plan that seems to be the best fit for you.

Comparing offers from retailers such as Direct Energy in New York

As with any other commodity you buy, when you purchase electricity or natural gas it's important to seek out the best deal available to you. In deregulated markets, that means collecting offers from several retail suppliers such as Direct Energy in New York. Many retailers have several plans available at all times, and each carries with it a different set of rules and rates. Choosing the right plan is all about understanding how each type of plan will affect your bills and what you're looking for in that light.

Direct Energy and many other retailers are likely to offer energy plans with both stable and variable rates. Choosing the right rate structure is one of the more important aspects of choosing a new energy plan. Stable-rate plans from retailers including Direct Energy in New York offer residents and business owners more control over their energy costs. Stable rates will remain the same for the length of your contract with a retailer such as Direct Energy. Variable rates are the opposite and can fluctuate as costs rise or fall. Both rate structures could be considered the best option depending on the customer. As with all decisions made when choosing a plan from a retail supplier such as Direct Energy in New York, the right call depends on your needs alone.

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Updated: 7-21-2015