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New York state gas and electric prices are anything but stable. If you've had enough of the ups and downs of the volatile market, it's time to start looking at New York energy suppliers. Energy suppliers are gas and electric companies that can help you take control of your monthly bills. And this quick guide will help you compare and understand what they are offering.

Energy Supplier / ESCO: This is the company who will be providing your energy supply, and your new energy rate. Switching your New York energy supplier will not interrupt your current service. You are changing the company that sells you your energy supply — and therefore your energy rates — but not the way that gas or electricity is delivered to your home.

Product Name/Term: This refers to the type of energy supply contract you will be choosing. Fixed-rates require a term of use, which can range from 3 months to up to 5 years, but offer price protection for the duration of your contract. Variable rates offer the flexibility to change your plan at any time, but do not secure your rates from month to month.

Type of Energy: Energy suppliers offer options for two types of deregulated energy: natural gas and electric. NY homes often use both of these energy sources to power their home. In addition, green energy solutions for both electricity and natural gas can give you the chance to offset the negative impacts of your energy use.

Features: New York gas and electric suppliers offer a variety of programs including energy rebates, price-matching, and gift cards for new customers. Deposits may be waived for customers with good credit, and online billing makes it simple for you to manage your bills and automate payments from month to month.