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Energy Choice in the National Grid Service Area

There are many utilities that are part of the deregulated energy system in New York, including National Grid. New York residents and businesses within the National Grid service area have the option to choose a retail supplier instead of purchasing their electricity or natural gas from the utility. Rather than paying the commodity rates charged by Nation Grid, New York customers can shop around for different energy rates. If you don't take the time to shop around, you might spend more than you have to on energy.

Having the ability to choose a company to supply you with energy is a direct result of the deregulation of the New York industry in the mid-1990s. Since that time, many energy services companies (ESCOs) have entered the New York market offering unique plans and pricing to consumers across service territories, including that of National Grid.

Unlike many utilities, National Grid in New York is a fairly new household name. The company originated in the United Kingdom, and only began to enter U.S. markets after 2000. In fairly rapid fashion, National Grid acquired several utilities, delivering both electricity and natural gas, across the Northeast. As a result, National Grid now serves more than 3.3 million customers in the U.S., in addition to its 11 million customers in the UK.

How is National Grid different from a retail supplier?

The difference between these two types of industry players relates to the new rules put in place by deregulation. Prior to deregulation, New York consumers dealt only with the utility operating in their area, such as National Grid, for all their energy needs. Deregulation divided the roles played by a utility into several categories of responsibility: energy generation, energy sales and energy distribution.

Today, everyone still interacts with their respective utility, whether it is National Grid or some other energy company because utilities are still in charge of distribution. However, New Yorkers also have the option to purchase their energy supply from a separate (ESCO).

Retailers purchase energy supply in bulk from generation companies, allowing them to create various packages that may appeal to different types of customers. The overarching purpose of deregulation is to foster competition in the energy market, and retail companies are the physical representation of this goal. Retailers compete for the business of customers like you served by National Grid. New York instituted deregulation to benefit consumers, and if you haven't yet explored your retail energy options, now is the time!

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Explore your options with National Grid in New York

Shopping for a new retail supplier for your home or business in the National Grid service territory doesn't have to be a drawn out process. If you make use of the best tools available to you, it's possible to choose a new supplier in just a few minutes. has made it easy to investigate your options with National Grid. New York residents and business owners alike can simply enter their ZIP code to receive competitive offers for their energy supply.

Before you choose a new energy plan for your home or business served by National Grid in New York, be sure you've taken a few minutes to do some comparison shopping. The pitfalls of simply signing up with the first retailer you come across are identical to those of staying with the standard service offered by National Grid. There simply may be a better fit for you, but you have to do your homework to know one way or the other.

No matter what your energy needs are, shopping for a new retail energy plan is always in your best interest. Who knows, you might discover a plan that is perfect for your budget!

Updated: 7-21-2015