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Choosing a New Natural Gas or Electric Company in RGE Service Area

Are you concerned about your energy bills? Thankfully you now have the option to choose supplier competitive retail natural gas and electric company if you fall within the Rochester Gas and Electric service area. This freedom of choice pertaining to natural gas and electricity rates has been in place for most New Yorkers since the '90s, but there are still many people who aren't familiar with the benefits of deregulation. Others aren't convinced that shopping around might help them discover alternative options that might be a better fit for them.

If you could be considered a member of either of these categories, you've come to the right site. was designed to make it easy for New Yorkers in the RGE electric service area, and all across the state, to understand their options. If you want to see other options in your area, all you have to do is enter your ZIP code above. In seconds, will show you some of the alternative RGE rates. You'll have all the information you need to switch energy companies in no time!

How does deregulation let me compare RGE energy rates to other options?

When the New York legislature decided to deregulate the state's energy industry, there were several reasons to suggest it was time to change. Of these, high commodity pricing was surely a cause. By instituting a deregulated system, New York limited the scope of each utility's control on the energy market. Rather than each utility generating, selling and distributing energy to the customers in its service area, deregulation allows individuals and business to choose which natural gas or electric company they purchase their supply from. Therefore, it is now possible to compare RGE rates with alternatives offered by a retail natural gas or electric company.

Rochester Gas and Electric is a utility, and as such it is now primarily concerned with the delivery of energy to its customers – be they residents or business owners. RGE electric service is still offered to customers, but continuing to purchase your supply through the utility affords you little control over your rates. It doesn't matter whether you are an RGE gas customer or have always purchased energy from Rochester Gas and Electric, you can switch to another gas or electric company.

Make the most of deregulation in the RGE service territory

In order to capitalize on your freedom to choose in New York, you have to actively seek out rates from energy services companies (ESCOs) in your area. There are so many plans to choose from, your first search could be a bit overwhelming. But don't worry. Once you have a grasp on a few key turns of phrase, shopping for alternative supply rates to RGE is easy. Plus, you can always turn to a service such as for help. Simply entering your ZIP code will deliver energy options currently available in your area of the RGE electric service territory.

Treat this page as a crash course in energy deregulation terms and phrases. Once you've got the basics down, start investigating the choices in energy rates other than RGE rates.

Stable rate: Many of the options presented to you from retail suppliers will offer stable rates. By signing up for a plan with a stable rate, you won't have to worry about pricing fluctuations for your energy commodity. Instead, you'll pay the same amount per unit of energy for the length of the contract you sign.

Variable rate: If you sign up for a plan with a variable rate, the cost of your commodity will fluctuate depending on the energy market as a whole. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Having a variable rate ensures that you'll be able to take advantage of those market lows though it also may result in higher prices if market prices increase.

The best rate for your needs may not be RGE gas

Once you've determined what type of rate would suit you best, it's time to compare RGE rates to those offered by ESCOs in your area. The price for RGE gas may be different than what is competitively offered in the market. Taking the time to do a valid comparison is crucial to securing a rate that makes it possible for you to find a new plan that's better for you.

If you shop around and compare Rochester Gas and Electric rates to the competition, you might be able to improve your bottom line!

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Updated: 7-21-2015